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Art Therapy in Schools

I can offer half or full days within schools. Currently many schools are receiving pupil premium and Art Therapy can be a great use of these funds. Please contact me to discuss my fees.

Why would you need a therapist within a school?

“If a child is unsettled or not reaching their full potential in school, then their behaviour and in turn grades, will be affected.”

As the demand on CAMHS increases so do their waiting lists. Having an ‘in-house’ Art Therapist available means young people can be seen faster with less disruption to their school day and therefore their learning. Young people will see the therapist as a familiar adult fully aware of school rules. The therapist would hopefully be available for meetings and could provide reflective reports when required. This enables open communication, which offers a holistic approach and package for each individual child.

Working with an Art Therapist offers a chance to think through problems that the young person may be struggling to talk about. For young people drawing, painting, making models and playing can help them to express themselves, understand their feelings and communicate with the therapist. Sometimes children may re-enact or play out traumatic or difficult life experiences in order to make sense of their past and cope better with their future. They may learn to manage relationships with friends and family members in more appropriate ways.

What I can offer

I usually see children individually for Art Therapy. I can, if required, offer small group work or joint Art Therapy with a child and their parent/carer. I can provide regular reports, attend meetings and liaise with professionals and parents. I sometimes refer or signpost children onto other agencies. I have various evidence-based tools, which I use. These can include the Boxall Assessments, teacher’s evidence forms and SDQ’s (Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaires). I have had over six years experience of evidence basing my practice.

"A consummate professional, Dorothy was always in tune with the ethos of the school. Dorothy proved to be a very valuable asset to the school"

J. Willis - Deputy Head teacher

"She has helped me rethink strategies I have been using with the pupils she saw in terms of helping them control their behaviours as well as understand why they are behaving in a certain way"

A. Buckle – Class teacher