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Private Art Therapy

“I can offer both short and long term therapy as required; this can be discussed as therapy progresses. Art Therapy is a flexible form of psychotherapy that can be beneficial to a wide variety of clients.”

Private Art Therapy is currently offered at The Hale Village Therapy Centre, 210a Ashley Road, Hale, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA15 9SN. If you are unable to get to the centre, we could think about a more suitable location, which could be your home.

My session length is usually forty-five minutes to one hour and the fee would be dependent on this.

I can also offer private Art Therapy at a concessional rate to students undertaking Therapeutic Training.

What to do if you feel Art Therapy could be beneficial for you or your child?

Please contact me either by phone or email indicating whom the therapy is for. We can then organise an initial consultation, which is an opportunity to discuss concerns, to ask questions and to decide if Art Therapy would be suitable for you/your child. It is also an opportunity for us to meet, as I feel the relationship between client and therapist is incredibly important.

If the therapy is for your child, then usually I would initially like to meet with yourself and the child for part or all of this consultation session. There may be times when it is useful for the parent to come into the therapy for part of the session and in some circumstances Art Therapy can be offered as a joint venture between yourself and your child. If the client is adolescent, it may be that the parent does not need to be present for any of the therapy. Again all of this can be discussed during an initial consultation.

"A number of pupils in my class have benefitted immensely from her therapy and input. She is always quick to ensure children feel ‘safe and secure’ during her sessions with them. I have not experienced one piece of negative feedback from any child in my class. They have always been extremely happy and willing to attend sessions, despite being EBD (educational, behavioural difficulties) children with a variety of complex needs"

L. Spiers – class teacher